Salut turns group chats into communities

Bring order to the chaos of group chats

salut group messenger and communities

Create real connections with your

salut topics organize conversations

organize conversations

#topics are create-as-you-type chat filters for instant content organization. In an active chat, you don’t need to see everything at once. #topics help you instantly find what you’re looking for.


group communication that works

Spark fascinating conversations around any #topic! Manage community chats with salut #topics and muting.

salut groups are unique and organized
mute and hear only what you need in salut with layered muting
layered muting

remove noise

In Salut, you can choose @people who will be notified of your messages as well as specific @people, #topics, and groups you want to hear.
Creators can fine-tune conversations for optimal segmentation and reach.

paid and free channels

broadcast and monetize content

Channels are dedicated spaces for broadcasting and monetizing content. Paid and free channels feature flexible payment models and strategies.

broadcast and monetize content with salut channels and subscriptions


Whether you’re using Salut or developing a tool that will benefit from a group chat environment, Salut’s evolving API will make integrations easy. Send us a note to inquire about our partner program.

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